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The Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, and Russia) declared that the leaders who have planned and carried out the genocide will be held personally responsible for their actions. They had also commanded Turnkey to stop the genocide immediately, but these warnings did not stop them and had not effect at all.
  • Christian missionaries from America were always threatened with death so they were unable to the Armenians. They did though witness what was happening in the genocide and spread the news about it while they were horrified.
  • During the Armenian genocide the U.S had to stay neutral because they wanted to keep their diplomatic relations with Turkey since the U.S wanted to retain missionary property, gain economic concessions and give relief to Armenians.
  • The U.S raised millions of dollars to aid victims in genocide.
  • News of the Armenian genocide was well reported in the New York Times.
  • American Ambassador Morgenthau confronted the Young Turk leaders trying to persuade them to cease and desist. He also telegraphed the Secretary of State calling the Turkish action an attempt of “racial extermination”

Here's a link to a fact sheet about the Armenian genocide. It contains information about how and why the genocide first started, how the Armenians were systematically exterminated, the Turks extreme denial and how people reacted. I found it interesting how even the allies of the Ottoman Empire recognized it as a genocide. If they could, why can't we? This site also touches on a lot of the topics discussed at the videoconference. -Christina Zaccardi


This article was published in April 30, 2010. By
From Friday April 23-April 24 the worldwide memorial day of the Armenian Genocide, the AYF Washington Ani Chapter led a 24-hour vigil in front of the White House, to influence President Obama to keep his promise about his campaign to recognize the Armenian Genocide. AYF Ani Chapter representative Shogheeg Apkarian said, “We are here today to tell President Obama that a morally bankrupt genocide policy is unacceptable. That real action is necessary to end the Genocide in Darfur once and for all. That euphemistic language to describe the brutal murder of 1.5 million Armenian men, women, and children by the Ottoman Turkish government from 1915-1923 is an insult. An insult to the victims. An insult to the survivors and their descendants. An insult to American Foreign service officers who risked their lives to document and stop what U.S. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau called ‘race murder,’”
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There are only few survivors left of thre Armenian Genocide. Because this happened so long ago its hard to find eyewitness accounts. What the Turkish Government did to these innocent people was horrible. They raped men, women, and children. They threw dead bodies into holes and rivers. They didnt even care. This website contains stories of some of the survivors of this genocide.
Armenian Genocide Survivors
-Lauren Tartaglia
When the Armenian Genocide was occuring the media in the US posted many articles and reports on the happenings. They told of the horific events occuring but in my opinion it did not fully express the genocide, and it's horribleness. It angers me that these articles were present and there was never enough help given. Just follow the link below....
http://www.teachgenocide.org/newsaccounts/index.htm---Briana Travers

This cartoon is telling people that when ever we tried stopping other genocides we were ignored and not fought with about. but if we mention something about the armenian genocide, the turkish government gets angry and upset, and we are not ignored, but denied the truth. Lauren Tartaglia

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Through reading a few websites and doing some research I found out more about what Dr. Balakian said about the trials. It turns out that the trials actually held in Turkey had little to no weight compared to what the "redemtion groups" did. After the war ended, the Young Turk Leaders all fled to Germany where they had safe haven. After Germany would not give them up, Armenians hunted them down and assasinated all three of them. If the trials Dr. Balakian talked about actually occurred, they certainly did not do much.

This is the basically the same as the others but it shows where Armenia is and where the homeland was.
Sam Clark

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Armin T. Wegner
Armin Wegner was a WWI German medic, photographed and documented the Armenian genocide by the Turks in 1914-1916. He was born into an aristocratic Prussian family in 1886. At the age of 9 read the persecution of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire’s bloody Sultan, Abdul Samid, in the 1895 newspaper at his family’s dining table. This left an impression on him which resulted in his photographs which are documented proof that the Armenian genocide occurred.
At the out brake of the war, Wegner volunteered to be a nurse in Poland winter of 1914-15 and got the Iron cross for tending the wounded under fire. When the alliance of Germany and Turkey was created, he was assigned to the Middle East. He ignored the direct orders of suppressing the news and visual evidence of the Armenian massacre, took and collected hundreds of Armenian deportation camps. He smuggled the photographs out through foreign consults to Germany and the United States. When he was discovered, he was arrested and made to serve the cholera wards. 1916 he left Baghdad for Constantinople hidden in his belt, pictures of the Armenian Genocide. Wegner became an active pacifist; in February 1919 his “Open Letter to President Wilson” appealing for the creation of the independent Armenian state was published in Berliner Tagelblatt. 1933 he wrote an appeal “For Germany” addressed to Adolf Hitler, a bold appeal to the Nazis “Boycott of the Jewry” which lead to his arrest by Martin Borman. He was tortured by the SA and imprisoned in 7 different prisons and concentration camps.
He was released in 1936. He returned to Germany but realized of what will come and moved to Italy, never to touch the hands of the people who committed these acts to his Jewish brothers.
He married twice, and dedicated a large part of his life to fight for the Armenian and Jewish human rights. 1968 received an invitation to Armenia and rewarded the Order of Saint Gregory the Illuminator from the Catholics of All Armenians.
Wegner died in Rome, 1978 at the age of 92. A portion of his ashes was carried to the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, consecrated there.


Could the US soon be coming to a resolution on the topic of the Armenian massacres?
According to this article, a diplomat who works for Turkey’s Foreign Office say there is a fairly good chance of an Armenian resolution being passed in the US Congress and Senate October 2010.
The midterm elections are in November 2010 for the Senate and some of the republican candidates might want to explore the genocide issue to get the far spread Armenian populations support. Many Armenians were not satisfied about Obama’s speech on the 95th anniversary of Armenian “massacres”, so their support could be vital to a candidate’s election.
The Democrats will want to control the House and Senate, and the Republicans will want their power back in both branches. The competition that could be created by this power battle, could lead elected officials to support the Armenian massacres as genocide and strive for US recognition.


- Olivia p.4

One of Armenia's greatest sons, William Saroyan, wrote these words about the Armenians.
Looking at the Armenian Diaspora throughout the world, his words ring true. I am here, writing on this page, as a witness to its truth.
Lisa Besharian Walker ( Teacher, Tallwood High School)
"I should like to see any power of the world destroy this race,
this small tribe of unimportant people,
whose wars have all been fought and lost,
whose structures have crumbled, literature is unread,
music is unheard, and prayers are no more answered.
Go ahead, destroy Armenia. See if you can do it.
Send them into the desert without bread or water.
Burn their homes and churches.
Then see if they will not laugh, sing and pray again.
For when two of them meet anywhere in the world,
see if they will not create a New Armenia."

Portrait of William Saroyan by Alexander Grigorian - b 1927

Alexander Grigorian – b. 1927
“Portrait of William Saroyan 1976”

Several blocks from the White House in Washington DC, a new Armenian Genocide museum is being built. Like the Holocaust Museum it will have tons of eyewitness stories, images, and be a great memorial for all the innocent lives lost under the Young Turks. The Armenian Genocide Museum of America will most likely be a huge educational vicinity and is estimated to have the same amount of students move through it as the Holocaust museum does. On the brochure for the museum it states, "Creating a permanent voice in the nations Capitol." The creators of the museum most likely feel that up until now, the United States government has neglected to call the genocide, genocide- due to its need of a US Military base in Turkey. Anyway, the museum should open up awareness to the murders World War One shielded. Here's the link if you want to check it out: http://www.armeniangenocidemuseum.org/
- Arlette Maher, Period Nine

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The history of the area is very important when you are tying to understand the genocide.As seen in the photo above Armenian's homeland was in the Ottoman Empire. - Angela Bujaj

I found this unbelievable website on why people think this is not a genocide. It says that comparing the Holocaust to the Armenian genocide is "far-fetched" and that they are totally different. Everyone on this wiki says that the Holocaust is very similar to the Armenian genocide (which I agree with), and yet there's an entire article on how they're completely different.
The guy who wrote the article, Jonathan Wilson, defends the Turks by saying how the Armenians were deported, but it was not meant to kill them. He says it was just done to help them out and to improve their lives. People did die during this relocation ,but he defends this by saying that it was just due to malfunctions in transportation. He says that Muslims were also killed during this time period due to starvation and other issues that usually occur after a war.
The author also mentions the Americans killing the Native Americans as genocide, which is exactly what Ms.Caine was saying. He also pointed out that American imprisonment of the Japanese could be considered genocide (both of these issues are under the "World Recognition Without Debate" section of the article).
I found this article extremely intresting and I recommend reading it. Plus, theres a great cartoon of Hitler eating a watermelon which I found hilarious.
Here it is: http://www.armeniangenocidedebate.com/holocaust-and-armenian-genocide-compared
And this is just one part of the website. If you look under "popular content" on the right side, there are a bunch of other articles pertaining to the debate over the Armenian Genocide. If you vote in the poll, you will notice that most people voted that it was not a genocide, which I found surprising. Make sure to read the comments on the bottom, too. There are a bunch of different people stating their oppinions on if it was a genocide or not.
-Nina Kozak

60 Minute Special

This is a great video if you want to hear the truth about the genocide. It is a little long, but very resourceful and worth your time.

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Help make a difference, and let the world know and accept the truth!

-Kristin Michels APWORLD Per. 9