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Tibet Genocide "fabricated"
I found an article saying an official of Tibet spoke against the Dalai Lama's claims of 1 million Tibetans killed in the past 50 years, claiming it false. According to the official, the population there increased since then, and the past 50 years was a time of historic Tibetan population growth. Of this population, 95 percent of it is supposedly Tibetans

I do not agree that this evidence means that the genocide was fabricated. Who knows if the official's so called statistics were even true. How could it be that the Dalai Lama made up that one million people died, it seems pretty hard to fabricate the evidence of 1 million lives.


__'Genocide' in Tibet fabricated by Dalai Lama -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China New__
**Olivia p.4**

Chinese Reasoning
The reasoning behind the Chinese occupation of Tibet is a bit choppy. The Chinese believe that Tibet has always been a part of China. Also, they believe that Tibetan people are a type of Chinese people. This ultimately shows that the Chinese have a right to occupy Tibet because Tibet and all that occurs in it is an affair of China. However, these are just statements that do not have much proof to it. If there were legal documents, then it could be believed that the Chinese have a right to be there. The Chinese government intends to overcome the industrial differences, erase and rewrite Tibet’s history, destroy Tibet’s language, suppress the culture, eradicate the religion, and replace Tibetan people with Chinese people. This is evidence to show that Chinese plan to eradicate Tibet off the map in a sense, replacing it with more of China.
-Kevin Ryan